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    Hearty welcome!

    This is Destiny Builders. Just like our name, we build real destinies!

    This is a personal and business development site where leaders are groomed for more productivity, impact, responsibility and financial breakthrough.

    We see ourselves as a life coach and a leader. We help potential leaders gain the clarity, confidence and tools they need to win and succeed in all issues and aspects of life and business.

    More importantly, we are committed to growing your income and financial capability. By turning you into a leader, you are endowed with unlimited abilities to reach out and be more productive.

    We play a major role in waking the giant in each person. We also equip the giant with necessary trainings, skills and practical guidelines. This will open the person up to what they really love. When you begin to do what you really love, you will find out that you will be more productive with less effort. You will be boundless! This will afford you more time with your family and friends and you will have financial breakthrough.

    We are in the business of empowering individuals to transform their lives and communities through online training, holistic life coaching, innovative business consulting, character development, mentoring and transformational leadership development.

    Destiny Builders brings you science-based solutions and specialist insight on how to be awesome in life. We have a special commitment to enhance personal productivity, motivation and self-education.

    Without discriminating or looking down on any person, we start with each individual at the level where they are and privately. We treat your privacy as important. We will groom you till you become a leader. We continue to provide mentorship for you after training so that we will be sure of your success.

    For us at Destiny Builders, nothing else matters aside grooming, developing and nurturing potentials to fruition. You are in good hands when you sign up and begin the steps to greatness with us.

    All our courses and programmes are well designed as a complete guideline. They are suitable for your private study. We are what you need for the greater height you wish.


    What We Offer

    We offer customizable training programs, resources and assessment tools to help individuals and organizations to attain positive and sustainable growth. All these are available online.

    We are a Digital Course Shop that sells personal and business development courses which are capable of turning your life around for good. Some of the courses are given below:

    • Shift Your Thinking
    • Creating Positive New Habits
    • Building Lifetime Confidence
    • Building a Great Life (One habit at a time)

    You are welcomed to join us for optimum improvement in all areas of your life.


    Our Mission

    Our mission is to make the world more productive, one person at a time, and become the world’s foremost provider of leadership empowerment. When each individual is fulfilled and successful, the world will be more productive and the effect will be seen.

    We are already recording success in this regard. When an individual comes in contact with us or any of our manuals, there will be a positive life-changing turnaround. This is the productivity we proudly offer to all and sundry.


    Our Vision

    Transforming lives begins with transforming minds. When minds are transformed, lives will be transformed.  We have our vision set on transforming lives, one person at a time. This we do consistently and without relenting.

    With Destiny Builders, there are no failures. Once you are open to learning new ways, we assure you that your success is guaranteed with us. We will take of ourselves and transform you. The outcome will surprise you.

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