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    "Discover the Secret to Launching a Maven/Coaching Business in 90 Days" 
    Maven Coaching Business in 90days


    Picture this in your life 6 months from now:

    You have 20 clients paying you $200 a month.

    You make 20 home study course sales a month at $400 each

    You make 100 $97 sales each month.

    You are positioned as an expert - an authority - a maven - in your niche.

    People come to YOU for advice in your niche.

    And perhaps based on your new-found success, you have built the confidence to write a book or create an industry-standard training manual.

    How would that feel?

    Or maybe I should ask, is that what you are looking for?

    The reason I ask is this: If it is NOT what you are looking for . . . . please just close this page right now, as what I am going to share is NOT for you.


    Here's the thing . . . . that is the business model I personally use (there are additional levels to mine, but the concept is the same)

    And it's the one that I have developed a fine-tuned process for taking you from where you are right now to having in your life a business that looks like the one above.


    Now, as you may know, I have recently launched a brand new mastermind-style mentoring/accountability program.

    It's limited to 10 people, there are 6 clients in the program right now, and the results we are seeing is incredible.

    One client has gone from $30k a year to $90k a year.

    Another client is having his best month ever, the first month after joining.

    Another client is closing 4 - 5 figure consulting clients.

    Another client is doing ~$25k - $30k a month and growing his business with the 80-20 rule.

    And a couple others are growing their businesses, just moving a little slower.

    Anyhow, when I created the program, it was designed to be all about accountability - meaning I would figure out what they wanted to accomplish, and hold them accountable each two weeks for DOING what it takes to achieve their goals.

    But the funny thing is . . . almost to a person, EVERY person wants to build a very similar business . . . .one that looks like the one I described above.

    'Sure, the price points are different, the income goals are slightly different, but they all want to have a high-end coaching program and become respected in their industry.

    And another crazy thing - the average ONLINE income of the folks who have enrolled, so far is about $5,000 - $10,000 -

    This means these are already successful people who want to take their business - and their life - to a new level and are trusting me to help them.

    And when I originally wrote about this program, and made it available, I didn't know what the "topic" would be . . .

    But now that I have done 1-1 Blueprints with about 1/2 the clients in the new Mastermind it is clear:

    building a maven-style business complete with a coaching program, and a website that is attractive in nature, meaning that it stands out and PULLS prospects to you, instead of you going out and pushing, begging and pleading with folks to join your programs.

    Anyhow, if you want to work personally with me over the next few months to grow your own maven-style business, and mastermind with other like-minded individuals who are ALREADY making $5k - $10k per month online, I encourage you to read the rest of this letter with a fresh eye.

    -- Sean Mize

    Ok, here it is:

    Does this sound familiar?

    You have been trying to "get to the next level" online for 1-3 years, and no matter what you do, you are stuck?

    Maybe you are sitting at $5,000 a month or so in revenue, not quite enough to quit your day-job, and no matter what you try, you just cannot break through to the next level so you can quit or day-job, or so your wife can quit her job as well?

    Or maybe you are selling $10k in information products each month, and you know, deep inside, there are things you could structure differently, so that you could double that, but you keep getting stuck in the process?

    Or maybe you are at the earlier stages in building your internet marketing business, and no matter what you try, you are just . . . . stuck?

    You've enrolled in cookie cutter coaching programs, you've paid coaches anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 to work with you . . . and you just can't break through?

    If you are in any of those categories, I get it.

    Here's why: I regularly talk with clients who are in one of those 3 categories.

    In fact, my specialty is helping people who are stuck, break through.

    I can't count the number of times someone has said something like this to me:

    "Sean, I have had (1-3) coaches whom I've worked with for months, and no one has given me the clarity you have given in the last hour"


    "Sean, the breakthrough you have given me in the last 20 minutes has been incredible . . . this is going to change my life"


    "I was stumbling around, trying different things, before I met you . . . but now I have the clarity and vision I need to take my business to the next level"

    In fact, here are some real-life emails I've gotten from folks who have worked with me:


    "Listening to your recordings has had a big impact this year. I particularly love the concept of the autoresponder coaching program, followed by a weekly coaching call & unlimited email support. Makes it really easy to scale. Looking forward to learning more from you. "



    "I’ve been learning from Destiny Builders for a while now.

    " Why do I STILL invest in this coaching program? Because his methods work! I followed the system and launched my first coaching program in a long while. The result? - 14 people invested in a 6 week $247 program that I am STILL creating.

    "I am being paid handsomely to develop a coaching program that is earning me money now and will continue to earn passive income for years to come.

    " If you work with Sean and actually do what he teaches you can realistically expect to see a good return on your investment."

    Lynne Lee


    "I started my 1st group coaching and had 14 sign up!

    "It is a 5 session group with 1 personal coaching.

    "$397.00 and sold 14

    "$5500+ so thank you for your advice and guidance!"

    Wayne - www.CoachingWithWayne.co



    Here's another:


    "Hey Sean,

    "For some reason I just randomly thought of you.

    " I'd just like to send you a thankyou email because you were instrumental in my development as an internet marketer.

    "I learned article marketing from you, I learned copywriting from you and I modelled a lot of things off you.

    "I'd just like to let you know that I am financially free now and I generate 4k+/month from my business with less than 4 hours per week required. 

    " This was my dream back when I was studying from you. I'd recommend your courses/training to anyone.

    "They were some of the best investments I made - massive value for the low price. I actually flick back to them now and then because the content is still very relevant. Your natural copywriting style (that I learned in your course) is totally awesome and I've used it in pretty much every medium you could imagine. 

    " So thankyou... You really are doing a great thing for people. Keep it up and I wish all the best for you.

    "Warmest Regards,

    Alex "

    Here's one more:

    "Hey Sean,

    "Just wanted to give you a heads up that I went through this course live with you while I was on Vacation. I got home a little over a week ago. Wrote the sales letter ... Did a couple "Educational" content driven emails with video before launching the coaching program.

    "I've signed up 10 people so far with a $600 price point in 2 days. I'm doing a 5 day launch so we have a few days left to hit my goal of 15-20 seats filled.

    "The greatest part is I was able to do this without even having the product ready!

    "Thanks for your help man.... "



    That's just a few, I could put dozens in here . . . but I won't bore you.

    As you know, I don't usually share a lot of testimonials, I just don't care to "brag"

    The thing is, I credit EVERYTHING I do and every success I have to the power of Christ in my life. I do the work, and He blesses it, and creates the results for me.

    But I wanted to share those because they illustrate what can happen when someone works personally with me.

    There's one level of learning that comes from studying the recorded trainings and lessons. And of course you can learn a lot.

    But I find that when someone spends 10-13 weeks with me, working personally with me, me giving them specific instructions that are immediately implementable in their business, when they implement those steps, they get fast results.

    Let me ask you this:

    If YOU were to work personally with me for a few months, what would you want to accomplish?

    If you could have me work personally with you on ANYTHING you want for 3-6 months, what would it be?

    Would you want me to help you breakthrough from $5k a month to $10k a month, while working NO MORE?

    Or are you already at $10k a month, and you need a breakthrough that will get you to $20k?

    Or maybe you are at $20k a month, and you want to double that?

    Here's the thing . . . if you've been studying from me long, you probably know that my insights are unique, my clarity is different from most of what you are getting from the other "gurus" out there.

    One big reason is that I'm not part of the "guru clique"

    I don't hob nob with them.

    I don't promote their stuff.

    I recommend them individually based on what a personal client needs.

    But I don't participate in the whole "everyone thinks alike" club.

    I personally generate $15k - $40k each month, month in, month out.

    I write my own copy, I don't outsource it.

    I'm writing this.

    I work with clients personally, I don't farm you out to $10 an hour workers reading from a script.

    And frankly speaking, in just a few minutes with me, I can zone in on your business and make suggestions that can double your revenue very very fast.

    So the question is this:

    How would you like to work personally with me for 3-6 months?

    I will dig into your business, identify where you can increase revenue and profits, and give you the exact steps to take to double your revenue and increase your profits up to 10x.

    And you will get results.

    I promise that if you do what I tell you to do, you will get results.

    Would you like that?

    If so, read on . . .

    Now, up until now, if someone wanted to work closely with me they had to pay $297 an hour for my 1-1 time. So to work with me for 6 months would run anywhere from $3600 to $10,000.

    Of course we would get phenomenal results, and an incredible ROI.

    But the fact of the matter is this: $3600 is out of reach for a lot of people who are trying to get their business up and running, pay bills at home, and buy the things they need to run their business.

    A few days ago I had a brainstorm . . .

    why not create a limited - access Round Table Private Mastermind, limit it to just 20 people, and add in a powerful level of accountability?

    Something that would be real close to 1-1 time with me, where you get to talk with me personally 2x a month, and instead of just answering q and a style questions like on my Platinum coaching, instead, we would create a 6 month blueprint for you right at the beginning, in a 1-1 session with me, then meet 2x a month in a small group with the other 6-10 clients in the program, and each time we meet, I will hold you accountable for your progress - or lack thereof - on each goal.

    And each time we meet I'll give you suggestions for what to do in the next 2 weeks to GET the results you want over the next 6 months.

    And not only would I be giving you instructions - and accountability - but because it's mastermind - style, you would be able to hear the ideas I give others in the mastermind.

    What happens a lot of time with that, is that I give one person an idea for something, you hear it, and think, I can do that too . . . and you have a real aha moment, something you can implement immediately as well.

    Plus, you will have access to everyone else in the Mastermind so that you can support each other, help each other, read each others' copy, etc., so instead of just getting "training" from me, you get support from each other.

    Do you like this so far?

    If so . . .

    Introducing. . . .

    My brand new 10x RoundTable Private Mastermind:

    There are five components of my brand new 10x RoundTable Private Mastermind:

    -->1) Each month you and I will meet, along with the other 19 members (there are currently about 7 in the program, so you'll get ALL the time you need each week) of the mastermind, for as long as we need. This may be an hour, this may be 2 hours . . . whatever you need. I will personally evaluate your results in your business each time we meet. You CANNOT hide on the call. You MUST announce yourself, I will be taking attendance. If you do not show on the calls repeatedly, I will ask you to leave the mastermind Round Table so that someone else can come in. Because I’m going to limit this to 2o people MAX. I only want people who are SERIOUS in this program. - $3,000 value - $3,000 value

    -->2) Supreme accountability. Repeat from earlier: each time we meet (2x per month) I will personally hold you accountable for what you have agreed to do the meeting before. Can you see how this will help you get results? Imagine if every 2 weeks I hold you personally accountable for achieving your goals? I won’t be mean about it, but I will call you on it if your dog eats your homework. I mean, excuses. Excuses have to go if you want a real full time online business. - $1,000 value

    (Wow, that sounds harsh when I re-read it. It won't be that tough. I will be respectful, I think you know that about me. But seriously, I am going to hold you accountable, because that is the ONE thing that is probably holding you back from success in a big way, let's change that and get you RESULTS!! - Sean )

    -->3) Right up front, you’ll get a personal 1-1 blueprint call with me where we will outline your goals in your business. I will give you the exact blueprint for doing what YOU want to do in the next 6 months. - $2,000 value

    -->4) Each time we meet you will report on your progress from the prior 2 weeks, then we will discuss your next 2 weeks. If you aren't making the progress you want, I will ask you why you haven’t completed something. I will demand a timeframe for your next action. So that you will get results. If you don’t do the work, I will publicly on the group mastermind call, call you on it. If you don’t want me to call you out, do the work. Or just don’t get in. - $2,000 value

    -->5) You will get the ability to actively mastermind with the others in your private mastermind Round Table. In fact, I encourage it. Promote each other. Talk with each other away from the call. Etc. Partner up. Etc. Get to know each other and help each other out. Trade services. If one of your is a great writer, and someone else is a great wordpress person, trade services. Benefit each other. Would this be helpful? - $2,000 value


    As you can see, I've put some suggested values on each component. But truth be told, some components are going to be worth more to you than to others, and vice versa.

    It is hard to put a price on working with me like this to achieve your goals.

    So I'm not going to tell you this is worth "$10,000" or "$5,000" or anything like this.

    Look, I don't know what it would be worth to you to finally achieve the goals you have been banging your head against the wall trying to achieve over the last few years.

    I'm also not going to force you into a year-long contract or anything like that.

    And here's the reason:

    I know some coaches want you to commit for a year.

    And the reason is that they want to make sure you are going to be willing to be serious enough to get results (and they want to get paid for a year of work, whether you show up or not)

    But I'm going to do this differently . . . .

    I don't want any long - term commitment from you.

    We'll do this on a month by month basis.

    If you achieve all your goals in the first month or two, then you don't need me anymore and you can stop working with me.

    And likewise, if at any time I feel you are wasting my time by not coming to the call prepared, then I can ask you to leave.

    Here's the thing: if you aren't participating, I'd rather let someone else come in and take your place. I'm limiting this to 20 people, and it doesn't matter to me which 20. If you aren't doing the work, you can stop coming (and cancel your payments of course) and I'll put someone else in your spot.

    All of that to say: no long term commitment.

    Stay in as long or short as you want.

    So what is the price?

    First of all, this isn’t going to be cheap.

    The thing is, if what you are looking for is some cheap cookie cutter oversold program with hundreds of other people in it, this isn't the place for you.

    This is going to be personal, I'll be personally holding you accountable, and if I price this too low, then the people who join won't be serious.

    And I only want serious people in this program, I don't want anyone who's not dead serious about changing their life and growing a solid business in the next 3-6 months. And it's designed that as soon as you get the results, you get out - it's not something you stay in forever, month after month.

    Just get it, I'll give you the Blueprint, and stay in the program as long as you need the 2x - monthly accountability.

    Anyhow, I had considered $1000 a month, and long run, that may be the price on it.

    But I wanted to make this something that the most # of clients could participate in as fast as possible to get the fastest results in your business, without degrading the price so beginners are getting in.

    So instead of $1,000 a month, I’ve decided to make this roundtable mastermind $397 per month, you can cancel anytime, you can do the initial 1-1 blueprint with me, get incredible results the first month and then cancel, or you can stay in as long as you want.

    That's right - it's 100% guaranteed - you can even get your money back AFTER I do your $1,000 value 1-1 initial blueprint call and you have your complete instructions for your first 6 months!

    But I'm confident that you will want to come to the accountability calls 2x per month, and of course you can cancel anytime.


    I personally believe that $397 a month for real time with me, personal time with me, is a great value . . . and over time, I plan to raise the price on that for future clients.





    Now, you and I both know this is going to make a huge difference in your life.

    And the sooner you get in, the faster you will get results.

    The faster we can do your first blueprint call, and the faster I can start holding you accountable.

    So here's what I suggest:

    Sign up now, while you can . . . as I am limiting this to just 20 clients.

    I look forward to working personally with you to help you achieve the results you desire!


    -- To your success,

    Destiny Team