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    Discover my highest level covert secrets which I personally use to generate $3 - $5 per subscriber per month...plus make $50 on average for articles I write.....

    "What separates you from the truly successful online? Is it knowledge? Is it focus? Is it implementation? Read this and take action to get the knowledge you need to implement."

    You CAN Create a Life of Freedom!!!  


    Dear Client,

    As you know, I am successful online. And you have likely seen many others that are successful as well. And you have probably concluded by now that in order to become successful online like we are, you are going to have to have one or more of the following things happen:

    (1) Luck into the right mix of knowledge, focus and implementation

    (2) Be taught from someone who has done it themselves, exactly what to do and how to do it

    And if you are reading this now, my guess is that you don't want to rely simply on luck.

    And my guess is - just by virtue of the fact that you are reading this...you believe that I can help you. (Otherwise you would be enrolled in someone else's coaching program instead of thinking about learning from me)

    Having said all that, you've probably considered joining my $10,000 Platinum coaching program - but something has held you back - maybe it's the price, maybe it's the one year commitment, maybe it's you still aren't completely sure I'm the right person for you.

    So....I have been working feverishly the last few months - especially the last 10-12 weeks - to create some incredible high-level advanced training that will take you to the knowledge level of the big boys and girls.

    I have literally recorded about 20 hours of cutting edge training, revealing some insider secrets of the industry that I don't know have been revealed by anyone else, at any price.

    And my original idea was to package these trainings into various packages ranging from $197 to $2000 in price, and add them to my long term funnel (by the way - if you don't have a long term funnel in your marketing system...why not????)

    Anyhow....instead of selling all of this advanced training piecemeal, I have decided to put it all together in one giant package, which I have named my "Top Secret Advanced Training Files".....And if you decide to buy this training from me, this is what you will learn:

    Module 1: Creative Product Creation Strategies:

    1) Discover an Easy Way to Create a Complete Training to Sell 100% from Interviews with Experts...you don't have to create a word of the training!

    2) My own special method of using this kind of training to position YOU as the expert...and get to create future products at will using this method

    3) How to determine what you will teach on to create a complete training in less than 30 days...and sell for up to $497

    4) How to get your subscribers to PAY YOU to create your products live (I did this once and am STILL making money selling the files!

    5) A super - simple way of creating new products FAST even if you have less than 100 subscribers!

    Module 2: The Big Picture

    1) How to Connect the Dots on Creating Coaching Training AND Product Creation at the SAME time

    2) How to sell both products and coaching program clients from the very first month in your information business (Or use this technique to double current sales fast)

    3) How to decide EXACTLY what your clients want to learn...so they will pay top dollar for it fast

    4) My own proprietary method of creating one product per month for over 5 years (yes, that's what I did personally, give or take a month or 2 where I created more than one product, and a couple of times skipped because of a month-long vacation)

    Module 3: Time Management Secrets of Millionaires

    1) This module includes my own personal time management system - the very same system that
    has allowed me to be super-productive and do more online than 99% of the rest in 5 years...

    2) I teach you how to manage your time so that you only work on what's important...and literally learn to let everything else...go....

    3) A lot of training out there focuses on your time...I focus on my productiveness...and still get to take a lot of time off...I know this module doesn't sound...exciting...but frankly, I don't want to give away too much of how I do it right on this page, I frankly don't want anyone reverse engineering my system from this page

    Module 4: Core Simplicity Coaching Model

    1) In this module I teach you the easiest coaching model I know of on earth....my core simplicity model that works like this:

    a) first 10 days - credibility campaign (this is a special 10 day email campaign to get people on your list to trust you in 10 days or less

    b) next - a special email series I teach you how to write - that gets the people who want more from you (read: coaching) to raise their hand and identify themselves

    c) how to get those people on the phone for a free 20 minute coaching session and how 1 out of 3 who get on the phone with you will buy coaching or buy your training (exact words, what to say and how to say it)

    2) What to do next (next 10 emails)

    3) what to create next to sell the most (here's the thing...you know you should be making $2- $5 per month per subscriber on your list, right? If you are not...you need this model!)

    Module 5: Content Marketing for 2018

    1) My brand new content marketing model (this is article marketing on steroids)

    2) How to leverage yourself 100 - 1000 times over with content marketing supercharged

    3) (Note: this is one secret - my new complete content marketing plan - that I wasn't planning to reveal before I took my business to the covert level with my new marketing launch - but have decided to include this here before I lock things down)

    4) The exact plan for how to maximize google and search engine traffic over the long term (instead of one month fads that disappear after a few people get results, you don't want to build that kind of business, trust me)

    5) This is my COMPLETE current traffic model - and I don't plan on sharing this anywhere else - because frankly I don't want 1000's of people doing it like I do it -

    Module 6: Some Assorted Advanced Topics

    1) My email based content marketing model (I don't know of ANYONE on earth teaching this)

    2) Why you shouldn't create beginner level products (this is worth the price of admission alone)

    3) My personal thoughts on video marketing (this is contrary, trust me)

    Module 7: Trust Based Marketing Concepts

    1) Trust Based marketing is based on the idea that people buy based on trust, not sales hype - and I teach you this model here

    2) How to build trust fast on your list so people buy fast (the biggest problem with many people's lists is subscribers don't buy soon enough and you get bored, or just plain old go out of business

    3) How to write emails that create trust - frequency, filtering, etc.

    Module 8: Advanced Sales Funnel and Pricing Theory

    1) How to price for long term sales (get this wrong, people buy once or not at all, and your advertising dollars are wasted

    2) How to use pricing psychology to make more sales (I don't know anyone who is teaching this right now - although I think many gurus are doing this, even if they don't even realize it - I also think this may be one distinguishing factor between winning sales campaigns and losing campaigns)

    3) Why to price from high to low or low to high

    4) What kinds of products to create at what price points to create maximum sales

    Module 9: Advanced Email Marketing Concepts

    1) Why you have to focus on a targeted part of the market- the part that buys (most people don't buy and if you are targeting volume instead of buyers, no wonder you aren't making enough sales)

    2) A real-life example from a 5 year client on how she found me (very similar to how MANY people find me - and an interesting example of how to use articles in your email marketing business

    3) How to filter out beginners who don't buy and waste your time

    4) Why 90% of your subscribers don't buy and how to filter through them

    5) Much, much more deep nuanced material I've never before revealed outside of my highest coaching programs




    What This Training is Worth

    Now, as you can see....this Top Secret Advanced Training Files training is worth at least $2000 if I were to package it all separately and sell it piecemeal. And if all it did was get you to a full time income so that you could live off the web like I do, your wife could quit the job she hates, your grandchildren could live a better life, you could take your husband on a long-awaited vacation...then it would be worth it, wouldn't it? My guess is it would be worth $2000 or more to most people to achieve a lifestyle of financial and time freedom.

    However, I have decided that I am not willing to sell this for $2000 - or any other price.

    Instead, I have decided that the only way for you to get access to this brand new cutting edge training is to test drive my brand new Monthly Money Multiplier Advanced Training Program.

    Before I tell you about my brand new monthly training - let me say this:

    If you choose to test drive it, you can cancel it at any time, and still keep the $2000 Top Secret Training I have just described - it is my gift to you for trying it.

    In fact, it is fully 100% money-back guaranteed - and if you want a refund at any time, just ask for it - and you still get to keep the $2000 Top Secret Training I described above.

    Even if you decide to get a refund THE VERY FIRST DAY - then you still get to keep my $2000 Top Secret Training Files.

    Maybe you are asking...why?

    Frankly because I believe that when you see the value of my advanced training, you will likely want to stay in my Advanced Training Program for years. And it's worth it to me to give you $2000 of training for free...just to get you to try it. And if you decide you want a refund...the first day, the 30th day, whenever - you can get it - and keep the Top Secret Training Files...

    Sound like a fair deal?

    It is!

    Now - here's all about my Monthly Money Multiplier Advanced Training Program - which you can cancel at any time:

    3 Killer Ideas Each and Every Month - Delivered to You Via Email, PDF, or Audio

    It's simple...each month you will receive at least 3 killer ideas you can begin to use in your business from day 1 to increase your sales. These will come in various forms...pdfs, audios, sometimes even videos when I have something really cool to show you. I promise you this...each month the value of the training will be at least $500....and if it ever isn't....just ask for a refund of that months' training...is that fair, or what????

    Here is some of what you will be learning over the course of time, as I teach you each month in the Training Program:

    1) In depth core material on maxing out your email marketing campaigns - let me say this - your email marketing should be 100% automated - if it is not, you are losing out - here's why: if it's not automated you are likely spending much of your time coming up with ways to make money today, not build a long term business, and if you aren't building a long term business, then you are spinning your wheels

    2) My own traffic methods in intense detail over time - as I teach in the Top Secret modules, I do a very high level content marketing (that I have never revealed in this much detail) - and over time, I will be revealing changes and additions in real time, as I do them -

    3) How to create coaching programs fast and create products faster - you can literally create a new product each month - and sell it - if you want to - I have done this month after month and you can too

    4) More on time management - more on emails and email writing - more on selling over the phone, more on maxing out revenue - and tons more - each month at least 3 new secrets - they are future topics, so frankly it's hard to list everything I am going to do - and remember if at any time you don't like the new secrets - just get a refund -


    $2000 Training for Free As a Bonus for Test Driving....

    Now, at this point, you might not be sure this is a good deal for you or not....and that's why I'm giving you the $2000 Top Secret Training Files as my gift to you when you test drive my Monthly Money Multiplier Advanced Training Program (MMMATP)....

    You are getting a minimum of $500 value each month for just $97 for the first month and just $97 a month thereafter....or your money back. In fact, the way it works is that each month when you receive the training...study it, evaluate it - and if you think it's worth less than $500....just get your money back for that month.

    Or cancel at any time.

    Keep the lessons you have already received.

    Keep the $2000 Top Secret Training Files.

    Ok, are you ready to get started, 100% risk free?

    Excellent - as soon as you start your own 100% risk free test drive - 100% money back refundable...you will be able to download the $2000 Top Secret Training Files:

    Here's where to sign up for $97 a month:




    Early Bird Offer:


    Early Bird - Offer Comes Down Friday Morning - Lifetime Access Special Charter Price - ONE TIME PAYMENT of just $77(note: this price WILL go up Friday morning - and I will NOT be honoring anyone who misses the charter link...this is JUST for people who take fast action...so if you want this for a ONE TIME PAYMENT of $77 instead of monthly payments of $97 a month - then DO NOT close this page or wait....click the button and secure your order now, as this button WILL BE DISABLED before I release this to the general public

    Charter Pricing: $77 One Time Payment, Lifetime Access:


    Yes, that's right - instead of $97 a month - it's a one time payment of $77 for lifetime access...

    No, I'm not crazy. I just want to reward clients with a special offer...that's it...

    This is designed to become my long term - autoresponder core offer, with the $97 a month as my entry level offer, then the sales funnel starts from there. But you've been following me for awhile, and frankly this is awesome information, so wanted to give you a chance to get it at a crazy discount.

    But...I am going to take this page down Friday morning...and I'm not going to allow anyone in after this page comes down, it's just not fair to those who have bought the last few days...

    Anyhow - have a good weekend! And let me know what you learn from this course!


    Patricia, Texas USA